Please help him...



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Doosri trf ganj'ay nay logon main jaa kr siaapa mchaya huwa hay.Mujhay bachao dhrnay ki ijazat na do baaan baaaan,

He needs your attention and help more


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Ye wo Achakzai ki gandi kr raha tha...ganjon ki gandi kr kr k thak gaya ha na bht baray dheet aur begha**t hein :D :D


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No brother Help yourself or you will keep getting floods as no action is taken every year..

such bolo

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یار کیوں ٹائم ضائع کرواتے ہو
تھریڈ کھولو
انتظار کرو
پھر تھریڈ کھلے تو ایسی بے تکی پوسٹ


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WELL SAID. Pay HEED-IK is a real Leader-he has VISION and the BELIEF to finish ANY task. This has been given to him by ALLAH. Others are just average mortals who are just doing their normal job.We MUST NOT IGNORE THIS LEADER