PK 68 DI Khan By Polls - PTI Candidate Ahtesham Javaid Leading

ALi Choudhry

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پھر کہتے ہیں نواز شریف کو 11:23 کیسے پتا چل گیا کہ وہ الیکشن جیت گیا ہے


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I will request PTI to start calling UK authorities about the money laundering of Nawaz's family. Nawaz will leave the Govt in 2 days.


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If this seat is won by PTI, it will be great victory . Ruling party have an advantage in any by poll elections, so loosing it would be not good at all. People prefer to wait for ruling party however this seat has been ruled mostly by Independent.
Keep the fingers crossed !


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Lo ji pata chal gaya KP ka election commission halal hai ;)

If PTI asks for a stay if the losing candidate asks for recount/verification, I will oppose PTI as well. However, please consult with your leader before you say anything about rigging (since their position changes on a daily basis)