Palestine/Israel History since 1878 ( 10 min video)

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Palestine/Israel History since 1878

1)- How were the Jews treated by Arab before 1948?
2)- Where and how did Zionism start?
3)- Was Palestine empty when the Jews came?

4)- What was the population of Arabs in Palestine between 1878 and 1948?

5)- How many Jewish immigrants arrived to Palestine between 1878-1948 and how did the UN partition plan divided Palestine between Arab and Jews? Did Israel stick to this plan?

6)- Did the Jews find “land without people” as they claim?
7)- How did the Jews treat the Palestinians in the occupied lands?
8)- How did the Nakba start and at what cost?

9)- Where the Palestinians expelled before or after the neighboring Arabs countries engaged in a war with the Israeli occupiers?

10)-What happened to the evicted Palestinian villages? How many were erased?

11)- Can the Palestinian refugees return to “visit” their occupied villages and lands? And can the Jews visit the occupied lands?

All these questions and more are answered in the 10 min. documentary.

History of Israel from 1878, and the social engineering of the Rothschilds :
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The History that Zionist Jews has hidden from You

The History that Zionist Jews has hidden from You

I urge you to search the real history of the Khazar Tribe. The Zionist Jews are not keen in letting the people know about their past.

Absolute Proof Khazar/Ashkenazis Jews Are Not Semites
Most Jews Are Not 'True Jews'

Gog Mogoog in Jersusalem: ... ml?start=1

1. Why and How are the Jews back in Jerusalem? has been plainly revealed in the Quran....Read Surah Al-Anbiya' (21 : 95 or 96)

2. Gog & Magog as the Illuminati/Luciferian/NWO/Zionist Dark Orders that is having a firm grip on all wordly aspects on this planet.

3. The water level of the Sea of Galilee is shrinking fast [Israel's main water source].

Let me give you a head start.
- The Khazar Kingdom is situated in Modern day Russia, just north of Georgia which is separated by an impassable mountain range, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Their capital city was Sarkel.

- This height of power this once mighty kingdom was during the Abbasid Caliphate and the Holy Roman Empire in Constantinople.

- The king and its people miracolously adopted Judaism as the official faith. They used to be animistic pagans. This decision is purely based on strategic political reasons to counter balance the powers of Islam and Christianity at its borders.

-The Zionist Jews are not keen in letting the people know about their past.There was a series of devastating wars against the Muslims that lasted almost a hundred years. How come our education system does not shed a light on this crucial piece of history? The outcome has been a stalemate. The impact is very profound indeed. Had it not been for these Khazars, Europe as we know it would be Muslim. They were able to halt the march of Islam in a giant pincer move, one coming from Grenada, Spain, the other from the Abbasids in Baghdad.

- The Khazars were able to usurp the Holy Roman Empire through marriage, read Emperor Leo the Khazar. From there they are able to infiltrate other European courts. THe empire declined after a series of attacks by Russia.

(1). Who make up the majority of modern day ZIONIST Jews in Israel?

(2). White East European Askhnazi Jews who speaks Yiddish not Hebrew. THe Sephardic Jews are in the minority and are treated as second class citizens of Israel.

(3). Did you know that the word BRIT-ISH is actually JEW in Yiddish?

(4). When the Quran says that Gog and Magog decends from every hills, does it mean in the literal sense or a world essentially dominated by a Dajjalic-Gog & Magog order?

(5). Have you heard about the time when the Prophet lead the Muslims to oust the Jews out of Khaybar, what did the Prophet say to the Jews? Go to your place of regrouping, but when you come back, you will come in mixed proportions. What did the Prophet s.a.w mean by this?

THE QURAN Revelation:
There are only two Surahs with accounts of Gog & Magog

- Surah Al-Kahf tells us how the tribe of Gog&Magog have been withheld behind a barrier built by zulkarnain.

- Surah Al-Anbiya' tells us when the Gog & Magog is released. Look carefully:

"There is a ban on a town (i.e. Jerusalem) which we destroyed
(and whose people were then expelled) that they (i.e. the people of
the town) can never return (to reclaim that town as their own) until
Gog and Magog are released and they spread out in all directions
(thus taking control of the world while establishing the Gog and
Magog world-order)." (Qur'?n, al-Anbiy?h', 21:95-6)

Most people would only quote the second verse, but fail to quote the earlier verse. When you take both verses and see the connection, the conclusion can be very crystal clear.

In the Quran the Qaryah (town), a destroyed one that is, with a ban for its people to return can only be Jerusalem. These people are banned from returning to this town 'Hatta' - until Gog & Magog is released!

The release of Gog & Magog is a pre-requisite for the return of the Jews back to the Holy Land. This did not happen by mere chance. There is wisdom in every event willed by Allah. Verily the blessed Prophet s.a.w. is right in pointing out that they will return in mixed breeds who are the pseudo Jews (Gog & Magog!). It's only a matter of time that Lake Tabariyya will be sucked empty and we only know too well Dajjal's time is near. The drying up of the Euphrates river is another sign.

Allah Ta'ala Know Best.


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Very good post Foqia.

This video might help you to understand the Israel's philosophy. I simply love Norman Finkelstein!