Pakistan Ka Matlab Kia? Please Watch & Comment

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Looks like there are more cameramen than audiences

Few good men are better than a stadium full of bad men ...

hope imran has courage to carry on and not to drop his weapons .....his day will come


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We have to decide now that it time that we through corrupt politicians out of power and give chance to a clean leader like Imran Khan who is man of words he has done alot for this country and I hope he will lead us to a corruption free, just and progressive country. The county that was dream of our founding fathers.


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achay logoon ka koi kaam nahi is mulk main there are lots of examples, like dr qadeer imran himself lots of other


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Pml n kay shair hooon

pppp ki teer hooon

altaf ki ghunda garde hoo ..............

Insaaf aa kar rahay ga ... Woo insaff jo provinces ki nahin pakistan ki baat karay ga .

Sirf pakistan ( punjabi hum sindhi hum baloochi hum pathan hum is parcham kay neechay imran kay noujawan hum)

my message : Love pakistan , be a pakistani dont let them divide us and rule ...... Pakistan zindabad
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With my all respect to Imran, nothing against him, but could not resisted to post as follows:
پاکستان کا مطلب کیا
جتھے لگدا ہی دا لگا
فراڈ دے نال پیسے بنا
تے ففر باہر دا ویزا لگوا
پهر اپنے قدم جما
بحد وطن دی محبت دے گیت گا


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Imran I cannot give you my vote i don,t live in Pakistan but my heart beats with you, you are the hope for Pakistan,may GOD bless you.

Please hang these all corrupt who suck the blood of this poor Nation,throw them over board. GOD save Pakistan from them.
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Due to him Politics is my Passion now,he is growing and growing fastly except for Sindh,Where MQM has mezmorized people,and their leader talks from heavens and people listen to him as if he's DEAD!!