No money for Eid shopping: Father throws two children in front of oncoming car in Gujranwala


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Re: Sad.........................

Is baap ko Tyno syrup ki shishi day deni chaye. Khas kam jahan paak!


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اس پاپ میں اور ہمارے حکمرانوں میں کوئی خاص فرق نہی وہ بھی طاقت اور اقتدار کے نشے میں روز غریب عوام کا خون کرتی ہے


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harrami nawaz sharif is this your badla hua punjab. almost 50 lac punjabis work in karachi and we are told that punjab is the best province? if it is so good why punjabis coming to karachi for jobs?
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