Nepotism, Cronyism, and Intra-party corruption cost PTI NA-1 Peshawar and NA-71 Mianwali seats in By


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I just got this email from some 'PTI Insafians' which i think is a spam and Somebody got access to the PTI members IDs. Kindly somebody raise this issue to the PTI media administration.

Nepotism, Cronyism, and Intra-party corruption cost PTI NA-1 Peshawar and NA-71 Mianwali seats in By-Elections

"Imran Khan needs to overhaul his party and purge it of the elements that have their own agenda parallel to that for which he has been struggling," said an estranged party old guard on condition of anonymity" - THE NEWS , Friday, August 23, 2013
Dear PTI Supporter,

As you know PTI suffered shocking defeats in last week's By-Election on NA-1 Peshawar and NA-71 Mainwali seats and to say you are disappointed is an understatement. It is a big upset for the party that the two constituencies won by Chairman Imran Khan on May 11 were lost in a humiliating manner on August 22. The simple reason for the party defeat in NA-1 and NA-71 was allotment of party tickets to undeserving candidates while disregarding the qualified ones and ignoring the ground realities.

However, what's done is done. Question is why party failed to take lessons from the well documented wrongdoings in intra-party elections and misjudged decisions on allotment of party tickets in the general elections?

Watch the NA-1 video and review NA-71 information in the email below to understand what went wrong in in these two constituencies between May 11 and August 22 that led to the fall of PTI.

As a PTI supporter, you are angry and hurt! Use it to fuel your passion for demanding an INDEPENDENT ACCOUNTABILTY COMMISSION that can investigate not only the reasons for the allocations of By-Elections tickets to wrong persons but other cases of intra-party corruption as well. For more information about some of these cases, please visit our Facebook page at

Injustice in NA-1 Peshawar PTI By-Election Ticket Allocation

This above video is another proof that an organized "Mafia" within PTI influenced allocation of election tickets to corrupt individuals. This happened even with allocating ticket for NA-1, Peshawar By-elections, a constituency that was originally won by Chairman Imran Khan on May 11, 2013.

The NA-1 Peshawar video features an exclusive interview with a longtime ideological PTI worker in Peshawar, Samad Mursaleen who should have been allocated PTI ticket to contest in NA-1 Peshawar By-elections on August 22, 2013. Instead the ticket was allocated to an individual named Gul Badshah who has allegedly been involved in various crimes (with 22 FIRs registered) and whose Pakistani citizenship is also questionable. Please watch and share this video as much as you can. You can also watch this video on Facebook by clicking here

NA-71 Disaster - Ayla Malik Fake FA Certicate

In NA-71, Mianwali, Imran Khan's home town constituency, it was party's wrong judgment to first allocate party ticket to a former PML-Q loyalist Ayla Malik. And then when she was declared ineligible for contesting due to declaration of her fake FA degree, PTI leaders started giving this false impression that she was trapped and kept defending her
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Re: Did anybody else get this email as well?

i got it... deleted it.. i dont know about its authenticity


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Re: Did anybody else get this email as well?

I also got this. I think they are asking for corrective actions. Anyways, I am not 100% sure about the intentions of the authors so please do keep us posted.

Thank you for bringing this up anyways.


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Re: Did anybody else get this email as well?

well .. problem is that all the supporters are now inactive on social media .. we trust IK and we know he will eventually fix all the issues and we are hoping that he will also make KPK an example. This is one of the reason we are pretty much absent from social media. PLus we are dishearted to see tinday winning and now in power. which s hard to digest.

Noora again playing dirty alongwith a political prostati tute now sepnding money to defame and hurt PTI on social media .. .. this is all I can think of ...


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I got the email and deleted it. I also got an email some time back that the $10
a month i pay PTI has been stopped but they never gave a reason?


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IK should stop taking punga any more./. diesel type people are trying to detrack IK and they are quite successful in their aims. IK should stop coming on tv and shows and sit in peshawar to control and redesign party and province.. he is wasting his energies aimlessly...



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without reading this ****,I can say that Noora media operated by Maryam Nawaz is corrupt and using state money to propagate against PTI.


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I got this email too. It means whoever is doing so, he/she has/ had direct access to PTI members registered on

fawad ali

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I do not accept samad mursaleen as an ideological party member. He cheated the party when it was time for him to play his role. No one is above the party.