Neither CJ, COAS want extensions,nor is government mulling over them


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fawad ali

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PMLn will never extend CJ's tenure. But i am not sure about the ARmy chief. They should not extend anyone tenure because it destroys institutions.


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ہاں ماضی میں پی پی نے جنرل کو مجہبور کیا تھا تین سال کی ایکسٹینشن کے لئے - ہا ہا ہا ہا

اور وہ مان گئے تھے اور اب کہیں نواز شریف انکو پھر مجہبور نہ کر دے اور وہ پھر نہ مان جائیں


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Why you are making Chey to the world most dementic Qaum on earth.

1.Gen Kiyani is like Shadow after Taaalaa,if Taakla goes to wash room he waits outside,he showing concern after 7 yrs Karachi law order not good,Calling AKC meeting all kiyani meeting for his extension ,He was the man who took extension at night deep sleep asked Gilani to get up and announce on TV.Whole pakistan witnessed it,as dementic now forget.He is the COAS MADE 3-5 vist to AMMAN to see KARRY during election period to finalize GE 13 Pakistan.
2.if Kanra not interested why he admitted the petition for continuation of service that lost during suspension ? Agar baaghairat hota tu petition kharij kar chuka hota,he kept pending intention obvious.


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As soon as these 2 criminal corrupt animals KICKED out from their post please hand them over to 18 crore people.


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سویلین گورنمنٹ نے ایک آرمی چیف کو ایکسٹینشن لینے پر مجبور کیا- بیچارہ مجبور و بے بس کیانی!
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