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Why Nawaz Sharif is lying? - PM Nawaz was compelled to do this U-Turn on the floor of the Parliament because his assumption of Army intervention quickly succeeding into browbeating Imran Khan back fired and sharp criticism from other political allies like PPP, JI and media made him realize that his chess move has further isolated him. But by doing this flip flop Nawaz has seriously jeopardized Armed Forces position forcing them now to do something to save his politics and blunders. But how will Armed Forces do it without alienating the other side and its own officer corps? This is why Nawaz's flip flop was very selfish.

PM Nawaz felt cornered after Lahore Police was compelled to register FIR for Model Town Murders. Though till now Punjab Police is trying to water down the FIR by playing with its various sections but somehow in Sharif family's mind this FIR is a huge red herring. Requesting Military Chief to intervene to help was to end the deadlock, reduce risks inherent for the family and find ways to defeat demands for Prime Minister's resignation.

The central assumption was that military will not only have a strong influence upon Dr. Qadri but also Imran Khan. This fatal assumption existed because in its under-siege mentality PMLN leadership has become a victim of their own propaganda and disinformation. We continuously hear that people are even being paid for systematic disinformation and changing public debate. But the Risks of this media investment strategy are that PMLN fails to read and grasp the nature and direction of political change. They assume that once military comes in and shows its strong dislike or muscle to Imran Khan and PTI then all the protests will just disappear and Cinderella and her Prince Handsome will live happily ever after. This is flawed.

There are elements of truth in PMLN's calculation (hinted several times by PMLN leaders and even PM during his meeting with media) that Military Establishment may have played a role in orchestrating these protests. But even if it is true this political movement has assumed its own dynamics and unlike Dr. Qadri who commands a cult following that listens to him, Imran Khan represents a conglomeration of political and civic interests from urban middle classes who question all his decisions so it is not possible for Imran Khan to suddenly make decisions that can not be sold to this motely urban middle class intelligentsia.

The assumption of PMLN and many in the media was (see their tweets & comments and discussions last night) that Imran will be demolished after one hearing with the military chief. But Imran's polite but defiant statement after 1am proved that wrong and immediately the emergent reality made Nawaz totally isolated and cornered. Because Nawaz had not neither consulted his allies nor his party or cabinet before involving military and tongues of his allies - PPP & JI - were lashing. And due to Imran Khan's defiant response the chess move had back-fired throwing PM fate onto the military's judgment. Nawaz should have remained silent or could have at least spoken diplomatically the way Nisar did - by making it a generalized PTI demand - but he was so guilty and under pressure that he lied plainly to restore his position. The assumption once again is that fierce disinformation and rhetoric by friendly or bought over sections of media will help create enough confusion to wriggle out of this fiasco or the ISPR can be forced to say something that shifts the blame to Imran or Qadri duo. But the damage has been done; There is a massive circumstantial evidence of the last 14-15 hours that proves beyond doubt that this initiative came from PM Nawaz - and was not necessarily an insincere initiative however flawed its assumptions were.

Now Military has been placed in a very awkward position. If they try to rescue Nawaz from his lies then they risk alienating the crowds on the streets and also the rank and file of the military officers who will read this as overt politics by the Chief and is generals in favor of Nawaz Sharif. The best option for the military will be to keep their mouth shut and assess how to mediate and what options exist for a solution without blaming either side. Can Shahbaz resignation and the credible Election Audit Mechanism being offered by Nawaz be given strong genuine military supervision for all constituencies wherever strong suspicions exist of electoral fraud and rigging. Statistical models can be developed that can prove organized rigging. The only goal can be to save PM Nawaz from a possible resignation. (I don't support Nawaz's resignation)

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ایسی منافقت، جھوٹی اور غلیظ سیاست نوورا ہی کر سکتا ہے ...اور ایسی غلاظت نورے درباریوں کو بھاتی ہے .
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The problem with Mr Moeed is that Army is now not in a position to guarantee the implementation of any agreement.


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How can Imran, Qadri trust Nawaz now? How can COAS and Army trust Nawaz to be his gauranteour.? There is no way Army is going to go for mediation after this

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IK to U-turn ka ilzam lagane wale subse bada U-turn aaj khud ker gaye. Uper se Army ko ek baar fir zaleel kiya, I'm sure being played like a pawn does not sit well with COAS Raheel Sharif, ab to Army ki bhi pir jaye ki. Ek tang to G@nj Sharif ki qabar mein to thi hi, ab puri chalang qabar ke inder laga di hai.

Ab ho ga piya jam aur dum-a-dum mast qalandar and now with full backing of army (which until now was neutral and wanted the politicians to sort them self out among themselves) to get this lying sum of a beech and his corrupt govt out.

Nawzoo hun tu nai bachna, apnay doosaray pao pe bhi khuladi mar di


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What Nooras are not realizing is that neither police nor army or FC will do anything against Pakistani people. They are isolated and their options are already exhausted. They need to resign, will be arrested, trialed and hanged for murder. Unfortunately, this is what the writing on the wall. Whether they like it or not.


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moez they did kick you from express now if you stop telling truth to nation then might you get back to job .do you wana live with out work if you want this then keep telling truth. any way I like you :) sir


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Lying is prevalent and rampant, lying just before Friday prayers on the assembly floor if front of all elected members and their thumping of the desks in appreciation consolidates and reinforces my strong belief that this system has gone rotten and Imran Khan's and TUQ demands for accountability and reforms is the need of the moment without which there is no hope for a better future for the common man and his future generations in Pakistan!!!!!!!
May Allah SWA give us Hidayah out of HIS unlimited treasures and curse the liars and the evil doers and unshackle us from the corrupt.
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How can Imran, Qadri trust Nawaz now? How can COAS and Army trust Nawaz to be his gauranteour.? There is no way Army is going to go for mediation after this

I was thinking exactly the same that Raheel Shareef must be thinking how the hell I can give guarantee of this person(NS). These people shamelessly lie and cannot be trusted at all.