Main Jail Jane Ke Leye Teyar Hon - Maryam Nawaz's Media Talk


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I hope they don't give these criminals a meaningless sentence like 2 hours in prison and let them keep their wealth. They looted the country so their assets must be seized and put back into Pakistan's treasury.


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too shameless
they think by going to jail, they will become some kind of revolutionaries

qaum be beghairat hai,,ye double beghairat hain
i hope they are taken to dry cleaners and all the money comes back otherwise the jail is pointless

lets c what verdict comes out, i hope there is no deal or they escape somehow


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if u c how supreme count handled Bahria Town, it was practical with a fine of 5 billion which is not issue for Malik Riaz
i hope with Sharifs, they are not same way asking for few billion fine and let them go
they should be in jail and assets should all be seized and foreign accounts money should come back

more over, NS should be tortured till he confirms to returning all looted money, same as Saudi Arabia did


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. ضروری نہیں ک تم جیل جا کر لیڈر بن جاؤ

ہمیں پورا یقین ہے ک جیل سے جھانسی رانی بن کر نکلوگی
بن کر نکلنے کا کیا مطلب ؟ سر جی یہ ...من تو جماندرو ڈکیت ہے اس چور فراڈیے لعنتی .... زادے نواز شریف حرام خور کے تمام کتورے اور کتوریوں کی پرورش حرام ڈکیتی اور اس ملک کے غریب عوام کے لوٹے ہوۓ پیسے پر ہوئی ہے یہ ....می ٹبر بنا بنایا جماندرو ڈاکو ہے