Live With Talat 23rd July 2010 - Kashif Abbasi, Nusrat Javed & Athar Abbas


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Kashif Abbasi Journalist, Nusrat Javed Journalist, Athar Abbas Analyst and Mian Iftikhar Hussain in fresh episode of Live with Talat in AAJ Tv & discusses current issues with Syed Talat Hussain.



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I think Nusrat Javed is 100% right that our political leadership has no solution for the core problems and there is no one threatening their corruption which they are busy with that is why General Kayani appointment has been extended. Neverthless, this is a crucial time and this will shape the history because there are a lot of things happening around Pakistan. If Pakistan comes out of this situation, there will be some impostant roles need to be played by some very important persons. Which way will things go will depend on decisions made by these persons.


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Talat Summed it Well.

We discovered Kiyani only because Musharraf retired
Kiyani must retire and set an example of serving and following rules of retirement

We need New Approach in Army, Kiyani represents 70 percent Musharraf policy and we need a complete departure from this policy.
Musharraf will never be tried if he stays as head, becasue of his personal indebtedness to Bhagora General, He must go so that we can set an example of punishing the generals.


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kashif and nusrat speaks with logic and nusrat is much more straight forward which is good .


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I do not endorse Kiyanis extension. It will weaken the system and trust on system. Initial comments of Kashif are worth listening.


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Ajeeb log hain yeh b. When Musharaf was retired by Nawaz Shareef, these so called intellectuals (Abbas Athar n Iftikhar) used to say that it is great Islamic tradition as Hazrat Umar retired Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed during the peak of war. Now they are arguing exactly the opposite that a commender can not be retired during war. pew

Even recenlty while Afghan war is in the most difficult phase, Obama retired the man leading the war in Afghanistan.

Sometimes I feel that Nazir Naji and Abbas Athar have the same soul. Both are masters for creating lame excuses.

Ibn-ul-waqat ka mohawara shayad inhi k liye kaha giya hai.
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