Kch Nahi Bachay Ga... A Heart Touching Column By Oriya Maqbool Jan... Very Nice


MPA (400+ posts)



MPA (400+ posts)
These moron ''Armchair warriors'' who dont have any clue about military want military operations. In Iraq, after many attempts these secret powers succeeded in creating a Shi against Sunni scenario. These secret powers have been busy in PAksitan for quite some time now and they want to launch a war against predominantly Sunni groups. It doesnt mean that these Sunni groups like Wahabi and Deobandi are right in doing what they are doing, it means Pakistan needs unity and ALL muslims should sit together and sort this issue.


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haqeeqat or zamini haqaiq to yehi bata rahey hain key agar hum ney hoosh na kia to kuch baqi nahi bachey ga.
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