Jab Qoum Se Khitab Hote Hain To Apni Party Ka Jhanda Nahi Rakhte.. Ahmed Qureshi


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yeh kon sahab hain... Qureshi say to lag raha hai kisi puranay qureshi kay kuch hain...


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His comments indicate he is quite anti PTI.what are his political leanings, is he a Nawaz Sharif supporter?


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Idiots can only find issues that really didn't matter ... What matters is that Pakistan's name is being destroyed by a bunch of morons who is our ruling elite and if there is someone who is trying to bring these criminals to justice ... rather than supporting them ... these so-called journalists trying to bash them on issues that are non-issues.


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Mr Qureshi, this is not a flag, it's the voice for the Movement of Justice for the nation.