Indian Film actress Katrina Kaif beat up a boy


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yeh dekhain "Pehla ghonsa".. DHAZAN .."Dosra Ghonsa"..... DHAZAN....."teesara Ghonsa"

indians news channels are stupidly funny

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Bollywood Show biz .....bit too confusing for me..... 90% fake made up sotries 10 % reality. Just sit back and enjoy...


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She said "How dare you touch me"
The guy probably took her tooo seriously after listening to, zara zara touch me touch me touch me......

This cockroach has touched her in the wrong place for sure. lol. Nobody can be that furious by hearing even a worse thing.
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It seems that the man is deliberatly taking a beating when he could have easily got up and got his own back!! There is no difference between Bollywood and WWE stars!!