Indian Army pelted with stones in Occupied Jammu & kashmir but Pakistani Army given Love in Pak :)


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J&K floods: Army vehicles pelted with stones in Srinagar; people's anger justified, Omar Abdullah says
TNN | Sep 10, 2014, 07.22 PM IST

SRINAGAR: Terming the flood situation in the flood-ravaged Kashmir valley as "very serious", Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah on Wednesday said he understood the anger of the people affected by the "unprecedented" catastrophe.

Omar also dismissed criticism of his government in the handling of the flood crisis, saying joint efforts involving various agencies including his administration are being made to help people tide over the crisis.

Over 200 people have been killed in floods, landslides and house collapses triggered by torrential rains. Four lakh people still remain stranded. Omar on Tuesday described the floods that has devastated the state as the worst in 109 years.

Asked about the criticism of the state government over the handling of the situation, Omar said if there was heckling, "People are alive to shout slogans, I have no problems."

"It means that these people have been rescued, they have been accommodated somewhere. Where they have been accommodated is not my concern," he said.

"I understand the anger(of people). I don't grudge them. They have gone through difficult times."

Congress leader Saifuddin Soz was heckled in one of the relief camps.

In another incident, Army vehicles loaded with supplies were pelted with stones as they tried to make their way through Srinagar.

J&K CM Omar Abdullah drops relief material for people affected in J&K floods

Omar said the situation was unprecedented. "The focus is entirely on making available all assets. such situations are handled through joint efforts... It is a very serious humanitarian situation in terms of rescue and relief of the people.

"... It is an unprecedented situation. In nobody's life time, we remember water to be at this level. It is something nobody could have prepared for. The efforts of the central government, army, air force and state government and operations have been ramped up. Supplies are arriving and we are doing our best to rescue people," he said.

The chief minister said there was no "weakness" in coordination between the forces on ground and the state government is working together with the armed forces.

"I am in touch with the Army, the Navy and trying to make sure that the right stuff reaches the right place and we are able to achieve the stuff properly. We are not able to communicate with the people," he said.

He said the main source of worry for him was the likely spread of diseases after the water level in flood-hit areas recedes.

Army will continue to work through 'day and night': Gen Dalbir Singh

Army chief Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag on Wednesday said the forces would continue to work through "day and night" to render relief to the affected people in Kashmir.

He said the flood situation in Kashmir is "improving" and stressed upon the need to supply affected people with food, water and medicine.

We have enough boats, now we need to supply food,water & medicine to the people: Dalbir Singh Suhag,Army Chief

In the state capital to oversee the massive rescue exercise launched by the Army, he expressed confidence that situation will improve "quite a lot" in two to three days.

"It (situation) is improving. Water level is receding. I was here three days back and from then to now the water level has come down four to five feet or six feet at some places. So things are improving," he told reporters.

Suhag, however, emphasised on the need to carry relief material to the rescued people.

"What is required is we need to supply food, water and medicine to people who need that," he said, adding that Army was taking full care of people under its watch and augmented its medical facilities to meet the challenge.

He said the road network within the valley would be motorable for lighter vehicles by tomorrow and the broken-down communication network be restored to a large extent in two to three days.

Army had rescued close to 50,000 people by this morning, he added.

(Residents use makeshift rafts to rescue flood affected people in Srinagar. Photo: PTI)

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS) reiterated that the Army would continue relief operations till the last person was rescued, a defence spokesman said here.

The COAS was briefed that as many as 239 Army columns have been deployed in Jammu and Kashmir along with 80 medical teams, he said, adding that a total of 58,000 persons have been rescued and 9,550 provided medical aid in Kashmir.

In Srinagar, the Armyhas deployed additional 89 boat teams, he said.

So far, more than 9,500 persons have been rescued from Srinagar and 2,000 have been provided shelter in Badamibagh Cantonment, he added.

As many as 355 persons requiring immediate medical attention have been evacuated by ArmyAviation helicopters till now, the spokesperson said.

Army had rescued close to 50,000 people by this morning, he added.


Death and destruction in J&K

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A Kashmiri man struggles as he tries to cross floodwaters with the help of a rope during floods in Srinagar. (AFP photo)

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This is a clear cut message to those few idiots who were preaching how the Indian Army is helping the kashmiris is no different than the Pakistan Army in the flood hit regions.

Well here comes a ROYAL SLAP on there faces when the Indian Army is pelted with stones and anger as opposed to the Pakistani Army which ONLY gets LOVE and Respect !

I would like them to take a good read of the article above and read words coming from the Indians themselves that the Indian Army was pelted with stones and shoes when they arrive to stage another fake rescue effort !

The kashmiris know very well as to why all the flood waters were diverted towards them and Pakistan :)

Heck Kashmir even has the same geography as Pakistan where they swim and drown with us. But the SLAP is on the face of those bigots who see how Pakistani Army is treated to HUGS and KISSES whereas their Indian army is only pelted with stones and shoes :biggthumpup:

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As Anger Builds in Srinagar, Army Chief Offers Reassurance

Updated: September 10, 2014 12:36 IST


[COLOR=#999999 !important]An aerial view of flooded areas in Srinagar

SRINAGAR: In some parts of Srinagar, for the fourth day in row, families continue to be stranded on the roofs of their houses, the water surrounding them nearly 10 feet high. Anger is seething, and four Air Force helicopters, carrying supplies, could not land this morning at the helipad at the Governor's residence, after threats of stoning.

"Aggressive crowds mean we are facing difficulties in rescue work," said OP Singh, chief of the National Disaster Relief Force or NDRF, which, with the armed forces, has rescued nearly 80,000 people so far. The army chief, General Dalbir Singh Suhag, reiterated, "We understand people can be upset. The army will remain on the job till the last man is rescued."

There has been no rain since yesterday, allowing new momentum to a massive rescue operation that has seen nearly 80,000 people brought to safety by tireless members of the armed forces and the National Disaster Response Force (NRDF). But the worst floods in over a century in the state mean that six lakh residents are still waiting for


help in Srinagar and southern Kashmir; the river Jhelum, which flows through Srinagar, washed over the city on the weekend.

"Finally the flood water levels are receding. Now our teams will be able to enter some of the villages that are totally submerged. Our boats are ready," said RK Khan, a police official in Srinagar, who manages the state's emergency control room. "People are extremely angry, frustrated and exhausted," he said.

On the weekend, the swollen Jhelum river flooded large parts of the city of nearly one million people, snapping communication lines as desperate families were forced to huddle on rooftops of houses and mosques for survival.

In other parts of the state, five days of pounding rain ended on Monday evening. By then, hundreds of villages were submerged with landslides rendering them inaccessible by road.

In the Rambagh area of Srinagar on Monday evening, two rescue workers from the NRDF on a boat were reportedly attacked with sticks; their boat was punctured. One of the workers was injured.

Chief Minister Omar Abdullah last evening said, "I understand the anger but it is not true that nothing is happening... this situation is unprecedented."

He also said that before Srinagar was flooded, warnings were announced at mosques and from police vehicles, urging residents to move to higher ground. "I am sorry to say that they willingly ignored these warnings... choosing to stay where they are," the chief minister said.



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Yahan koi bolay ga tou aglay din "missing persons" main shamil ho jaey ga

So all the imran khan people are speaking and the disappeared. Very strange way to insult your own, Some Pakistanis have so much hatred for their own motherland that they do not think before the say anything, peopl who disappear were terrorists who attacked Pak. Army and they died fighting Army.