India test-fires interceptor missile


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MPA (400+ posts)
no need to worry abt this guys. Pakistan army and Scientits doing well to encounter all type of threats. we just need a good economy. these kind of indian test just provoke pakistanis to show what they are doing. and indian also want to see wat pak is doing. inshallah we will be ahead in technology frm indian . and they all AWARE OF HTIS. nee d a good leadership like Imran khan in politcas and in army as well. hope for the best


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True, no need to worry..... For an Indian Brick, here comes the Pakistani Stone....

Pakistan to possibly test-fire Ghauri ballistic missile tomorrow [Tuesday, July 27] Insha'Allah/....

Congrats to the Nation in Advance.....
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Bad News for India; Pakistan has built far superior weapons than India

Bad News for India Pakistan has built far superior weapons than India