Imran Nazir loses savings in fake scheme


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Imran Nazir loses savings in fake scheme

Published: August 13, 2011
KARACHI (Agencies) - Pakistan discard Imran Nazir has lost much of his life savings in a fake investment scheme, masterminded by a group of his friends. The 29-year-old Nazir, who last played for Pakistan in February 2010 in a T20 match against England in Dubai, lost 10.2 million rupees in the scheme, in which a few of his friends had got him interested.

He was told to invest in a business investment deal that promised good returns. "I sold my property in Lahore and a car to invest a total amount of 12.2 million rupees with them. They initially paid me a profit of 2 million rupees but after that everything just went wrong for me," Nazir said.

He said that after getting the initial two million rupees, the cheques given by the group had bounced several times and they had also vanished. "I was forced to file a police case against them as this money was a major part of my life savings," the cricketer said, adding that the police were investigating the fraud, which only took place because of misplaced trust.

"I am no longer playing for Pakistan and some of my earnings have also been held up by the Indian Cricket League. I realise that just being despondent is not going to help. The only way I can get back is to continue playing cricket," he said.