Imran Khan predicts next elections will be held in winter


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Go Nawaz Go!!!.............



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What happened to Qurbani se pehle Qurbani? Now he is giving another deadline of election in winter. Yes JH will win by election in winter but no general election in next 4 years.
khabbuzay (sheikh) ko dekh kar kharbuza (imran) rung pakarta hai :).

isay chahiyay toota faal nikalna shuru kar day.

I promise you a parrot sill have better odds of predicting future then this morons track record of predicting crap...:-)
When dharna started, he was essentially predicting every day that Umpire will raise its finger....oh I can never forget this morons writing on paper in live tv shows that he would sweep the elections in 2013


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just wait for another press conference of javed hashmi, revealing that Imran already told him about elections in winter and it is part of script :lol: