Implication for Islam of US defeat in Afghanistan


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I've never listened to this sheikh in the past before, but I've listen to this. Very involved discussion, but I really recommend listening to it because he truly has some new and intriguing insights.
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Yes, I have heard Sheikh Imran Hosein many times.
My one liner comment about him is....
Sheikh Hosein is a uniter and not a divider.


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As I see things, religious apparently always tried to fool secularists and secularists apparently always tried to fool religious. Reality is both are two sides of the very same coin and they play games with masses by keeping them ignorant and using them to their own advantages.

What is wrong with religion that is any and every religion? It has nothing at all to do with real world realities. Something that has nothing at all to do with real world realities cannot affect the real world in a good way at all but it is most dangerous thing because it wastes time and energy of people.

How does it do that? Look at how much time is spent by religious people in learning useless things about religions which benefit none. Some argue for religions and others against them. During this time something more useful could have been done by these people from which humanity could have benefited.

What is wrong with secularism? Everything because we have divided humanity into us and them in various ways to try to take undue advantage of each other. In short we have decided to live for ourselves at the expense of each other. This is why we think and do all we can to get away with whatever we can get away with. This is a reality that none can challenge.

Then we tell each other, look we are very nice people because we have done this and that and the other for him or her and some of the others. The truth is we only do things what fulfils our own personal agenda at the expense of all others.

So long as mankind will not change from this way of life they have adopted for themselves, nothing really good can be accomplished and established by people. It is because to accomplish and establish any real good one has to truly believe in something really good and greater than oneself on solid basis. It is because one has to let go selfishness and greed and that is not possible without truly believing in higher power and purpose it has set forth for humanity in its revelations. We think and do all we do for no reason at all other than satisfying our own negative egos.

For a start we humans worship personalities that are actually responsible for destroying our world and yet we think of ourselves that we are great human beings. We do not miss any opportunity that comes our way for shaking hands with so called big people or having a photo taken with such people. So long as people have this slave mentality they will remain as they are.

Victory of one party over other is not sign of its true greatness. Real sign of greatness is what is truth that is provably reliable. For the time being power will keep on changing hands till humanity comes to the standard set for it. People can bring that time sooner if they decide to study the message of God properly and then they explain it to each other properly. That is what will bring about a truly quran based human society or community or ummah. Ignorant people snatching power from each other without any real basis only prolongs human painful suffering by hands of each other. Only God knows how long more this carry on will last. For better understanding of deen of islam from the quran see HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

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