imagine if saudia instead of iran was behind present chaos in pakistan?and nawaiwqts unfair stance a


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by now all wise people know that Israel/America and iran are the main script writers behind dherna in Islamabad (Israel because American agencies are all Israel,s pets).
even once long term iran lover aslam baig also admitted in his recent column that iran is one main script writers of present chaos in Pakistan.

in brief the situation is like this.
ijaz Husain rafdi (who is one main brain behind qadri etc dherna) has relations with iran ,everyone knows that.ijaz Husain arranged meetings of qadri etc with many high ups in iran few months Imran party too rafawid like shah mehmood qureshi etc are brains behind this chaos of occupying Islamabad.imran is being used and will be discarded later on may be if he has even an ounce of honesty left in him.

also the qadri,s main dherna force consists of people from rafdi tanzeem of majlis e wahdatul muslimeen (this is same terrorist force whose name was sipah e Muhammad previously and who is involved in murder of great sunni scholars like allama ihsan ilahi zaheer and haq Nawaz jhangvi etc).
these terrorists of majlis e wahdatul muslimeen were the ones who very precisely occupied ptv and who are now occupying most sensitive area of Islamabad and no judge or parliamentarian can pass into red zone without their permission (and our army is conveninently sleeping .lol.same establishment killed 3000 jamia hafza girls for protesting against prostitution in front of laal mosque,and for qadri /rafdi dherna politics army is sending trucks full of baryaani and is even giving medical treatment to dherna guys (by army medical doctors)...waah bhai waah!what a justice!lol.


so a wise guy was saying that if saudia instead of iran was behind this chaos in Pakistan than all hell had broken loose.on social websites anti saudia threads would outnumber everything else and in Pakistan rafdi and brelvi tanzeems had occupied and destroyed Saudi embassies...but as it is iran which is destablising Pakistan (among other countries) so they are welcome.more than 100 billion rupees have been lost since one month of dherna.Chinese president went to india instead of Pakistan ,and has done billions of dollars deals with india ,but strangely establishment is silent.because it also takes dictation from real big script writers!

by the way saudia is neutral in all this game because it is in no position to save its friend Nawaz shareef because Saudis also are afraid of americans, who are one main force behind this chaos.

a wise person said that irani/zionist mafia so totally controls Pakistan that if irani troops enter and occupy Islamabad today than we hardly expect any resistance from establishment.may be this is true?as police has already proofs of irans terrorist activities inside Pakistan but establishment does not let police do anything.


Also check munafiqqeen like nawaiwaqt (the second largest Urdu daily in Pakistan).
almost daily a "horrible" news is given in nawaiwaqt paper against isil or Islamic state or khilafat e islamia Baghdad.this shows nawaiwaqt is also slave of rafdi/mushrik alliance...recently when an Israeli spy was punished in Iraq by Islamic state than nawaiwaqt cried that an innocent journalist is killed.and daily a false propaganda news against Islamic khilafat is given by nawaiwaqt.
same nawaiwaqt never gave even a small news about half a million sunni muslims slaughtered by irani rafdi groups in Iraq and shaam in last 2 years alone ,which resulted in rise of Islamic state to protect muslims lives.
these news of rafdi atrocities were totally censored in nawaiwaqt but false western and rafdi media news against sunni islamists in Iraq and shaam are given readily in nawaiwaqt.
sarwar munir raao Rajput.a lerading columnist of nawaiwaqt wrote an emotional column against Islamic state and khilafat this sunday in nawaiwaqt,s editorial page.he claimed that no one is as brutal as khilafat people in Iraq Islamic state.this lying Rajput conveniently forgot to mention 5 lakh sunni muslims killed and raped in Iraq , to protect whom Islamic state people rose up for jihad!

this makes nawaiwaqt foremost enemy of Islamic people .they think they will earn money by this but Allah will humiliate them .its Allah,s way...their founders will also answer to Allah for their lies.wherever tehreek for Islamic renaissence rises the papers like nawaiwaqt oppose it and support their American /Israeli puppet establishment goons