How the property of Pakistan Prime minister grows : a legend of corruption



A country where the chances of decent life is becoming thinner and thinner with every passing day, serious stand on freedom of any sort is merely dream. Bands of terrorists and Jihadis are imploding and exploding each fiber of nation ; two provinces are abducted and totally controlled by separatists and Jihadis. In such state of affairs, visionary leadership can be some hope. But Prime minister Gilani is amazing combination of dullness; where surely there is lack of vision and interest in affairs of state, where 'doing-nothing' seemed strategy of his office. So having such corrupt politicians in the parliament, one may never think of any remarkable change ever takes place for Pakistani nation any sooner. Last three years of governance is mark where Prime minister Gilani did not show any passion for any social or political change but one thing he is seemingly very consistent and persistent, and that is how to increase the volume of his empire. More of his family members are in politics and their fortune grew multi fold during last few years. Not to mention that NAB waved his 50 million rupees loans in a political bargain with Benazir Bhutto, back in 2007 by very controversial ordinance : National Reconciliation Ordinance introduced by General Musharaf.


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Jaanay bhee dain,SIR
Sayed aoor gilani honay kay natay inn kay liay subb kuch jaiz hay.Ooper say woh wazir e aazam bhee hain,soonay per suhaga hay unki shakhsiat.
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