How much time you spent on?


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I opened my history of web browser to check how much pages i visit daily on I was amazed as i visited an average of 57 pages of a day. If i spend 1 minute as an average for each page this becomes almost an hour a day. Lots of people they write too much on this site.

I think many people are earning via this site by posting video etc here apart from people :P.
I want to ask all of you that how much time you spent here?
Do you think your presence here bring some change ?
I am afraid admin will delete my post... :(
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Liaqat Hussain

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at least 3-4 hours a day.

keep an eye on it through out the day to keep myself updated

not sure about change but certainly spreading awareness. Juicy titles make everyone interested in a dry subject like politics.

Ahud khan

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it remains open through out the day on my browser and i give it a look when ever got a chance to do and i also use spend my time viewing this when i am in toilet


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I keep visiting the whole day to keep myself updated and whenever my manager is not around I sometimes post my comments on different threads as well.


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I have been saying this for long now. I see young overseas guys writing ON and ON about this or that party. Its almost as if they are hooked to it.

They dont get anything. They are just pawns, and instead of attending to their own value-addition, skill development, or trying to do some local community service, they act like paid mouthpieces of parties thousands of miles away.

I spend about 2 hours a week on this site. Almost never do I watch a full TV show except Najam Sethi or Talat Hussain. Or I read Dawn Newspaper.


MPA (400+ posts)
i only check during office time and only the main threads or the one that makes me open ......... ghar mei check karo to phaday par jate hain....... :lol:

Adeel Rehman

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چوبیس بٹہ سات۔۔۔ ہر وقت آن لائن اینڈ پیج ریمین اوپن

کیا کوئی انعام شنام ملنے کا چانس ہے ایڈمنوں سے ۔۔۔؟؟؟