How mafia hoarded dollar? How it was stolen from the market? - Report reveals


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Instead of conspiracy theories, telling us why it happened, we should be told why was it allowed to happen and who have been punished, and what measures have been taken to prevent it in future


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How mafia made IMF head of SBP
everyone knows no conspiracy theory

I dont know whats worse! bodhi puncture dar the sweating swine money launderer, making false economic data and the kanjar who mortgaged Pakistan for the most IMF loans in history (on unknown conditions) vs what is happening now?

But knowing that you are part of the baitul khalai makhlooq you will side with bodhi puncture dar.


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It will keep happening. When money changer will let go free instead of canceling their licenses or imposing huge fines.


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They stole it fomr market and caused damage of what did this government do to PRevent it? NOTHING.......Caught with pants down. People who know me know that I predicted this 6 months ago....I had said all you have to do to bring this government down is to send 30 people with 1 crore each to the money markets and buy up all dollars.....the PTI governmetn wont do anything as they are tamashai.....2 days ago I also wrote I suspect a bharti hand becasue of the drubbing they got at the hands of PAF.


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2 اہم اداروں نے مافیا کا کھوج لگا لیا گیا۔ BUT NO ONE IS NAMED AND ARRESTED. ıS THIS NEWS JOKE OR REAL?


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ڈالر کو اتنا گرا دے جتنا تو نے"نوازشریف" کو گرایا ہے
'سب بولو آمین'???

آمین یا رب العالمین

حکومت کو ٹف ٹائم دینے کے لیے کچھ نہ کچھ تو کرنا پڑے گا اس کے لئے ایک یہ بھی بڑا اقدام ہے کہ ڈالر کو مارکیٹ سے غائب کیا جائے جیسا کہ اب ہو رہا ہے نوے کی دہائی میں ڈالر کا تمام انحصار بینک پے ہوتا تھا نہ کہ کہلی مارکیٹ میں , ابھی یہی ہوگا کہ یہ واپس بینکوں پر منتقل ہوگا چور لوٹیرے اپنا راستہ خود بند کر رہے ہیں ان کو سوچنا چاہیے کہ عارضی ڈالر غائب کرنا ان کے ماضی پر اثر ڈال سکتا ہے


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2 اہم اداروں نے مافیا کا کھوج لگا لیا گیا۔ BUT NO ONE IS NAMED AND ARRESTED. ıS THIS NEWS JOKE OR REAL?

This is just story, nothing more than this. This is all exact what PTI govt sign agreement with IMF. Money Changer cannot be so powerful that they can fix USD rate.


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Looking at the outrage, you would think that the sole reason of the current state is hoarding of dollars. Apparently we Pakistanis have done hoarding at such unseen levels that has never been seen before. Other countries have various reasons for their economic issues such as bad policies allowing this to happen, lack of imports etc but for us the biggest concern is the mere existence of "hoarding".