Hidden Side of Panama Papers Leaks


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ok guys, here is my take on this.

whenever something of such nature comes up, I am more interested in WHAT IS NOT BEING SAID, rather than what is BEING SAID.what the panama papers says is simple and straightforward: that people like NS, and others have offshore accounts which clearly implies that he 1) looted the money through corruption, 2) laundered it outside pakistan, 3) invested it in tax havens, all in order to hide his wealth and avoid paying taxes

but here is my question: why did the panama papers not say anything about people in IMF, in WorldBank, in BIS, in United Nations, in Hollywood, in US Government, in German Government, in EU, in Trilateral Commission etc etc etc. Do you know of any BANKER you got pointed out in Panama Papers? Are you telling me that there is not a single corrupt person in IMF and World Bank? The very people who have created this economic system that loots and plunders wealth so much so that the 1% now own as much wealth as the other 99% (OXFAM 2016!!)

Bottom line: THIS IS A DELIBERATE attempt to malign very carefully selected inviduals in countries like Pakistan, Russia, China, etc., for vested interests that we cannot see right now. This LEAK is not a natural leak; it is arficial and sinister in intent.

PLEASE NOTE FOR ALLAH'S SAKE: I am not defending NS in this ! In fact I am praying that he gets disqualified, thrown in jail with AZ, and every cent he looted from Pakistan be brought back to Pakistan. ameen. Summa Ameen.
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Why would IMF and World Bank use Mossack Fonseca as a law firm? Mossack Fonseca is a firm that specializes in creating offshore accounts for tax evaders and money launderers.

As for Americans, in most cases, they dont need to use offshore havens. US has its own built in havens in Delaware and Nevada, where tax laws are lax, and reporting is minimal. Besides, I think that Switzerland is a more popular offshore destination for US tax evaders than BVI.

There is nothing sinister in this leak. No need go all Saaleh Zaafir on this. Its absurd. DOnt forget that much of the information in this was already public.


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یُرگن موساک، ستر کی دہائی میں سی۔آئی۔اے کے لیے کام کرتا رہا ہے۔

چاہے، اس سارے سیاپے کا مقصد مفسدانہ ہی ہو، لیکن بنیادی سوال یہ ہے کہ خاندانِ شریفاں کے پاس یہ پیسہ آسمان سے نازل ہوا، یا ان کے ہاتھ ایسے ہی کہیں گھومتے پھرتے ہوئے، قارون کا خزانہ ہاتھ لگ گیا؟؟
اصل فساد کی وجہ تو یہ خود ہیں
نوے کی پوری دہائی میں میاں صآب نے کل دس سالوں میں ایک ہزار روپے سے زیادہ ٹیکس نہیں دیا ہو گا، اتنے غریب تھے یہ بیچارے
انہوں نےپچھلے پچیس سالوں کے دوران، الیکشن کمیشن کو جو کاغذات جمع کروائے، اس حساب سے تو یہ زکواۃ کے حقدار ہیں۔
پھر یکدم اتنا پیسہ آ گیا کہ سنبھالنے کے لیے دنیا کے دوسرے کونے میں کمپنیوں میں پیسہ چھپانا پڑ گیا



Brilliant, description of a diseased jahil corrupt kunjur, according to Rangeela, DUMB rulers of jati mujrah.
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