Has Qazi Essa read different law books than other judges on the bench?

Saladin A

Minister (2k+ posts)
CJP Qazi Essa, corrupt generals & Form 47 'mandate choor' PDM mafia dons, thugs & fraudsters are treating our Constitution & justice system as prostitutes for entertainment & brothel house whores who can be hired & thrown out after using them backwards & forward in a rubbish tip. I honestly believe that Qazi Faez Essa has lost the trust and confidence of hundreds of millions of patriotic Pakistanis and has no moral authority left to remain in his office.

He should resign before being kicked out disgracefully from his office.
Thank God, we still have judges of conscience, morals, principles, honesty, integrity and professional ethics who believe in the sovereignty of our Constitution, the respect for the rule of law and the dispensation of fair, impartial and equal justice to every citizen of the country without prejudice and discrimination.

These brave and honourable judges revolted against the sinister conspiracy by the illegal Form 47 'mandate choor' PDM government of mafia dons, thugs, fraudsters and looters of trillions of rupees from state coffers installed at gunpoint by corrupt manipulative and dishonest generals to subvert the sanctity of Constitution and superimpose it with the 'Qazi version' to promote and legalise criminals, thugs, crooks, murderers, embezzlers, money launderers and looters to rule Pakistan with impunity and also to crush the sanctity of 'Voting Rights' of masses to elect their candidates of choice to represent them in the parliament.

I hope and pray that wisdom will prevail. Our honourable judges of the Supreme Court and higher courts will crush any sinister attempt by the CJP Justice Qazi Essa and corrupt generals and the Form 47 'mandate choor' PDM government they installed at gunpoint. Our able, honourable and respected judges will uphold the integrity, dignity and sovereignty of our Constitution, the respect for the rule of law, and fair and equal justice, human rights, and voting rights of the electorate of Pakistan to choose their candidates in the national assembly and provincial assemblies without any fear and being terrorised by PDM thugs and corrupt generals, and protect the civil liberties of every citizen of the country. It is widely suspected that CJP Qazi Essa is professionally incompetent and unfit to carry out the duties of his office without bias and prejudice.