Exclusive with Hamid Mir: Is it possible to Minus Imran Khan?


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Jub Nawaz sharif ko Na-Ahil kia gia us waqt na us se pahley Nawaz Sharif itna maqbool leader tha jitna aaj Imran Khan hay. Ager boht kum maqbool leader ko Na-Ahil kar kay bhi minus nahi kia jaa saka to Imran Khan ko kaisey minus kia jaa sakta hay. 9 May ko jo kuch hua us mein boht kuch mashkook hay jaisey jaisey us ki details logo ko pata chalein gi to PDM & establishment utni ziada ghair maqbool hogi or Imran Khan utna ziada maqbool hoga. Bus aik hi raasta hay keh us ko jaan se maar do warna wo bhoot ki tarha chimta hi rahey ga, Har roz 3-4 press conference ho rahi hain or sub ki sub Imran Khan se shoro hoti hain or Imran Khan pe khatam hoti hain

Wake up Pak

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There is a difference between now and earlier that establishment miscalculated.

PTI is not a party, but rather a phenomenon. There are no first or 2nd tiers, it is one man's show.

Dumbheads didn't get it, and neither did this writer.
Dumbfuck's dont realize you cannot kill an idea, kids as young as 5 to 6 year old are supporters of Khan, they don't know PTI or anyone else, they only know Khan. So you can imagine for the next 40 to 50 years when those kids turn into voting young adults, than adults, the middle aged, then grow old and until that time that ideology will remain alive, so at the very minimum we are looking at 40 years of ideology of Haqiqi Azadi.

This phuddu asim muneer bohat teer maar lega to 2.5 saal bad ek extension ley le ga. Phir is suar ki aulad per koi thookay ka bhi nahi, same like gando bajwa.
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