Crack cocaine and Shandana Gulzar


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Please all note: this is one the haraam Kor patwaris we call the gutter level group. They are high corrupt and incompetence, lying, and being slaves of corrupt mafias are their target. They are haraam kors and they don’t respect anyone even their parents they don’t respected because they are not much educated and they only know how to do fraud and lying. You will see their name like tandoori, Democrat. Gajar daku, Maryam, Shabaz, Nawaz and they use their names Sharif to hide their real faces. They should be called Daiu Nawaz or Chootie Maryam. These type of people eat donkey biryanis so tyey anct like donkeys. They never get much respect from society and they never get to high places. They might be used by Indian raw, ISI, Pmln media cell to do their dirty work. They are used to clean back sides of they’re corrupt masters. Look at Pmln Talal use to bark like dog but he didn’t even get Pmln tickets so they dumped like dirty tissue papers. They don’t have any value. So best thing to do is let them bark like dogs don’t view or reply in there threads. Let them die from not taking them serious. Reject them like a Pdm haraam kor.
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