Cameron Openness Compared to Sharifs


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After dodging the issue for a week Cameron started to come clean to the public. He volunteer to disclosed the information about his tax returns.

and for 5 years since PM

To the blind followers of the Shar Brothers. Ask The Shar brothers and the family to produce their income and the list of expenses, like how much they pay to their thousands of servants, pay up keep of their properties, the Zoo, Security etc!
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Last week Jeeda Chaudhry in the program at ARY said, it is not necessary to disclose large income for the Sharifs. They can charge expenses to their business and declare less income and pay very little income tax.

Look at the return of Cameron, he has included the expenses paid by his party to him in his income. In the UK you have to fill a separate form PIID to list all the benefits in kind you have received during the tax year and pay taxes on it.
This also exposes the lies Son of Shahbaz, Salman Shahbaz told on the news channels that their family has paid billions in Sales TAX and custom duties. Sadly the corrupt Pakistani media took it as fact and spread the dirty rumors that Sharifs pay billions in income tax.
People like Rauf Klasara still sing praises for the liar Salman that he is very intelligent.
The same lies then were uttered by Nawaz in a program hosted by Hamid Mir and the fatso of one day on Geo.
اگر نورے نے سچ بول دیا تو موت ہو گی اس کی اس لیے کبھی نہیں بتایے گا۔
یقین کرو یہ سارا معاملہ اس کے ایک ھاتھ کی مار ہے اگر وہ سچا ہے تو۔ سب کے منہ بند ہو جایں گے لیکن وہ ایک نمبر کا جھوٹا ہے اسحاق ڈالر کی طرح فلحال تو اس کی اپنی بند ہو چکی ہے۔


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Yahoodiyoon ki Cameron ke hilaaf sazish - Patwari Logics.
People of Britain are mature snd care about their country. Hamari bhooki nangi awaam bas naarey he maarney kr kabil hai.