Breaking: Nawaz Sharif might leave for Turkey to attend Turkish PM's oath taking ceremony tomorrow


President (40k+ posts)
The whole family mafia is leaving...

Let the Derbaris stranded in this quagmire!!!!

sshahid - Blogger
everything is a joke for the corrupt mafia kings... the country is burning and they want to go on scheduled visits overseas.


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
ii think they will do the operation on dharnas while they will be away. Chota in china aur bara in turkey.

Same way they will do bloodshed of innocent ppl and then on media they will say we dont know what has happened. Like chota zehni mareez did after model town incident. Media and judiciary are just playing dirty role to legalize this bloodshed.


Imran Siddiqi

Minister (2k+ posts)
Yeh Nawaz Shareef Mehndi Mein Dance Karne kyun ponhach jaata hai har jaga. Jahan bhi Oth taking ceremony hotee hai foran hazir..