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Pakistan is a beautiful land, as the geography itself is beautiful spreading from south to north having all 4 seasons at its peek, with beautiful landscapes, rivers, mountains, lands desert and sea with lots and lots of natural resources

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Beautiful Pakistan....


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Beautiful country with 19th century infrastructure because retards who have not laid a single kilometer of railway track since the last 30 years. The last train I traveled on to Quetta was infested by cockroaches. The trains running at the moment belong in museums not on railway tracks. There is not 1 railway station in whole of Gilgit Baltistan....tourism promote karne ki baaten kartey are you facilitating tourism? First build a railway line from Peshawar Airport and Islamabad Airport to Gilgit where a traveler could hop into such trains on arrival to Pakistan phir aakar foreign tourists ko dikhana k what we have. Kol kakh nahi aur bulaney chalen hen tourist from first world like Singapore...Korea....Japan....
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