Asif Ali Zardari refused to follow Doctor's advice!!!

Dr Adam

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ابھی ایک ہفتے پہلے جب پرویز الہی سے لوٹ مار کا نیا پروگرام بنانے کے لیے ملا تھا اسوقت تو بالکل ٹھیک تھا یہ ڈاکو


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Lagta hai phir koi JHOOTI umeed nazar aa gaye hai, koi lollipop, waise bhi billo rani ka favorite kaam to lolly pop hi choosna hai

Sar phra Dewanah

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Balawal is in America to listen to



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old drama style of these clowns, in order to gain sympathy.

'doctor ki advice kay bawajood'. Obviously this is bound to inculcate sympathy in the minds of people......
otherwise, if you look at it, his daughter is 'rushing back from UAE to be by his side', and his son is 'rushing to USA to be by his master's side'
Charya samjha huwa hai sab ko


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I think his appearance in the court is necessary. His ideal tactics would be to buy time.