Anti-State Activities: Case Registered Against PTM Activist Gulalai Ismail


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جناب یہ پشتونوں کی بیٹی نہیں ہم سب مسلمانوں کی ہے ہمیں شرم کرنی چاہیے کہ یہ پنجابی سندھی پشتون بلوچ کو چھوڑ دیں پہلے مسلمان بنیں


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bara dusman bana phirta hai jo aik aurat se darta hai ? ?
kia ilzam lagye the? saboot do bhai


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bhaibarood hindu kee bhi kaalee Gaaf.... Maro
bahi mardood is from the branch of commie, marxisat, socialist wankers just like peepee and its bastard offspring ptm who have tagged teamed up with afghani commie, marxist, socialist wankers. dawar was frontier commie dalla from anp.

This is nothing more than these collective atheists mofo's who wank over karl marx's ideas. they went from suckling soviet dong to now suckling americas dong. america took these orphans after soviets could no longer give them rubles and gave them dollars instead.

their path has army in their way and just like their kanjar leader phutto who destroyed Pakistan, there needs to be more hanging of the remaining bastard children of phutto and hunting of soviet union's bastards in afghanistan. because these vermin multiply and now thrive on america's scrotum

lastly Pakistan was made on the basis of Islam NOT for marxist tentacles.
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is gashti ko utha k jail me dalo.
inka buss chaley to apni paedaish ka ilzaam b fauj pe lga dain..... ghatia giri hoee aurat.


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sanp kko palo gay tu dassay ga he is say phelay dassay iska sir khucal do warna zehar or phelay ga
inki ab itni himmat ho gaye Islamabad may akar bhonk rahay gay jab TTP durray par rahi thee aurto ko tab kaha thay yeh mardood