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MY dear let me say this that a great leader or great man is known by his/ her deeds more then words and Nawaz shareef is no where near a great leader or great man and his deeds are clear if you can see that which i don't think you are capable of but let me clear your misconceptions anyway:

1.Biggest and best agricultural reforms were done by Gen. Ayub and even they are not implemented till date not even in Punjab where PML(N) has ruled for 27 years approx.

2. Green tractors, Yellow cab scheme and all other such schemes are rubbish as they lack vision and practicality if you really want to make life better of an average person or a farmer empower them through your economic policies so they can decide if they want to drive a cab or not and if they really need a tractor or something else for their farming. Don't make beggars out of this nation only give them an equal opportunity to prosper. There should be no shortcuts for some of the people while all other work hard for their living.

3.Now let me get to the biggest achievement of PML(N) which is building roads let me tell you about a man who was in power for 5 years only but he built a road from Kabul to Agra and gave whole India a chance to prosper, his name was Sher Shah Suri and it was year 1540 and the road he built is known as G.T road today. In 27 years of power PML(N) should have produced an institution to recognize needs of different parts of the province and produce such plans that should equally cater to the needs of whole province rather then investing tax payers money where ever they see fit and because of this people in different parts of the province feel deprived.

4 Great leaders are usually those who can at least see 20-30 years in future and act accordingly and i feel very sorry when i see people like Nawaz shareef being seen as leaders. In his whole tenure as pm or cm he never seriously adopted a policy which could produce enough electric power for at least a decade or more and people see him as leader because he got rid of chongi system.... ridiculous.

5.When in power he only made regulations to benefit his own industry and increased his assets by 3600%. Regulated banks as such that he could get loan from every bank without guarantees and then pressurized them to write off all his loans and one more important thing to mention is that as religious as he appears or tries to appear he never introduced any islamic economic policy and kept on running his own and country's buisness on SOOD which is against islam.

6.Never produced any real policy in education sector and very discriminatory education system of English medium, Urdu medium and Madrassa system is still there in the biggest province of Pakistan and his new addition in this system is Danish schools.......real visionary he is.

7.People in Punjab still lack the basic facilities of health and most of the rural areas don't have any good hospital any where near them so they all have to come to Lahore for proper treatment and most of the people in critical condition don't make it, You can stand outside any government hospital and ask the people where they have come from and you will know how bad actually PML(N)'s health policy is and even you can ask shareef bothers about the state of Punjab's government hospitals as they have never allowed any of their dear ones to be treated in any local hospitals and always went abroad for treatment.

8.Taking credit for optical fiber system is as funny as taking credit for importing toilet seats for nation. Whenever something advance is being implemented in the whole developed world in any field it automatically travels to developing countries and optical fiber system is present in each and every developing country around us and no body should claim credit for technological advancement as it spreads by default to developing countries.

9. Sasti rooti scheme was a disaster because it was mismanaged and Punjab government discontinued it voluntarily.

10. Patwari system is a very cruel system and it's basic use is for the rich to oppress poor and it is still in use because PML(N)'s thugs cant rule poor people without it and so is the thana system and rather then modifying this bizarre system they are modifying thana buildings with the tax payer's money which will not change this horrible culture of ruling people with danda but it suits PML(N) so these outdated and cruel sytems will stay as long as PML(N) is in power.

So if you have any sanity left take a deep breath and look beyond your affiliation to PML(N) and see the people who are being pushed further and further into abyss of hopelessness by the very people they elected over and over again.
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Do PMLN supporter exist?

I mostly wonder from where PMLN supporters comes,did they not see 'kalay kartoot' Of sharif baradran.Watch in this video some master pieces of their disloyality to Pakistan.

There is partial list of their ' kalay kartoot'


For mote scandals please visit

Technically no PMLN supporter should exist,so those who are left are PMLN themselves i,e corrupt MPAs and MNAs and their Servants.what do you think?