Allama Iqbal: Spiritual Dimensions & Mystical Experiences


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Allama Iqbal: Spiritual Dimensions & Mystical Experiences

اول آں بنیاد را ویراں کنند

Part 2: Referenced Books : Rozgar-e-Faqir, Apna Greban Chaak, Aftab-e-Walayat Sawaneh Hazrat Waris Ali Shah (r.a.), Rijal-ul-Ghaib & Urdu Kalam-e-Iqbal

Read Online: Rozgar-e-Faqir By Faqir Syed Waheed-ud-din


A Saint's reply to Allama Iqbal

Meaning of this Persian couplet (Poem Khizr-e-Rah)

Said Rumi: Before they can repopulate any ancient ruin,
Do you not know that first of all they must destroy the foundation?

گفت رومی بر بنائے کہنہ کہ آباداں کنند
می ندانی اول آں بنیاد را ویراں کنند

ترجمہ: مولانا رومیؒ فرماتے ہیں کہ پرانی تعمیر کو تب تک آباد نہیں کیا جا سکتا جب تک کہ پہلے اُسے بنیاد سے ویران نہ کیا جائے.



Allama Iqbal's reply to a question of F.C. College Principal



A Saint's dialogue with Allama Iqbal




Allama Iqbal (r.a.) - A True Aashiq-e-Rasool (S.A.W.W.)

Excerpt from Book: Apna Greban Chaak By Justice (r) Dr. Javed Iqbal.
Pages 36, 37

Same event narrated by Junaid Saleem of Hasb-e-Haal



Haji Waris Ali Shah (r.a.) and Allama Iqbal (r.a.)

Haji Waris Ali Shah (r.a.)

Excerpt from Book: Aftab-e-Walayat Haji Waris Ali Shah (r.a.) By Prof. Fayyaz Kawish Warsi, Page 106

Note: Above photo of Haji Waris Ali Shah (r.a.) is also included in ShahabNama at the end of Chapter 'Governor General Ghulam Muhammad'​



Allama Iqbal's meeting with Hazrat Khizr (A.S.)

Pages from Book: Rijal-ul-Ghaib. It is about famous Poem Khizr-e-Rah which Allama Iqbal wrote after meeting with Hazrat Khizr (AS).

Pages 172-176 contain complete poem Khizr-e-Rah of Allama Iqbal



Khizr (AS) and Iqbal Conversation - Not Imaginary, Its Real

Khizr-e-Rah (The Guided Path) is a poem in Urdu written by Sir Muhammad Iqbal. It deals with the subject of the political future of Muslims. The poem is a conversation between Iqbal and Khizr (The Guide). Iqbal, while sitting alone one night, sees Khizr appear before him who asks him about the cause of his loneliness and restlessness. Iqbal tells him about many things he has failed to understand in life and Khizr explains to him the secrets of those things. The three main topics of the conversation were "the secret of life", "the Governments" and the "downfall and rise of Muslims". Visit Complete poem here

Few couplets from Urdu Poetry of Allama Iqbal related to Hazrat Khizr and his message.

علامہ اقبال اور حضرت خضر، کلام اقبال سے چند اشعار


There that would‐measuring courier I had sight ofKhizr,
That ancient in whom youths colors fresh as the daybreak dwell.

وہی بزرگ (حضرت خضر) جن کا ذکر قرآن پاک میں ہے

That innocent life, that poor mans boat, that wall of the orphan,
Taught Moses wisdom to stand before yours wonderingly!


To the workman go, the toiler, and to him this message tell:
Words not mine (Khizr) alone, a message that the worlds four corners swell


By the leaders suggestions love of education developed in me
Obeying the command of Khidr is incumbent on the wanderer of the wilderness


Thus Khizr to me did speak last day on river banks.
ʺAre you in search of cure for venom spread by Franksʺ?


Khidr, on the bank of the river, spoke to me thus in confidence:
all are the ways of sorcery, be the actor a king of dervish.


How could Khizr tell, and what,
If the fish were to ask, Where is the water?


Khidr, standing by the Wooler, is thinking:
When will the Himalayas springs burst forth?


Ask Khizr of blessed steps for the secret of life
Everything is alive with un‐achieved effort


دیکھا ہے جو کچھ میں نے

I will show the world what my eyes have seen
I will surely make you also bewildered like a mirror

Give piercing vision to those deprived of sight,
and show to others what I have seen.

My hearts mirror shows me both worlds secrets
I relate exactly what I witness before my eyes



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Great and fortunate souls like Allama Iqbal are the living examples and testimonies of the power of Islamic Mysticism which is beautifully mentioned as the stage of Ehsan in one of the reputed saying of Prophet SAW.

Hence the belief of Dr. Muhaamad Rafiuddin gets its legitimacy, that Dr Iqbal was basically an enlightened Sufi ascetic first, by reading these scant accounts of Dr. Iqbal which truly depicts the mystical dimension of his thoughts and views pointing towards the tantalising source of cosmic divinity.

I would like to thank the poster of this thread to show the mystical dimensions of Dr. Iqbal once again which always gives me an impression of a resounding smack on the faces of those arrogant pygmies who tacitly and openly try to downgrade and minimise the influence and impact of this divinely guided sage of Indian subcontinent to show them the contrary picture of Iqbal from that image which is preserved in their reductionist frame of mind and consciousness.

The penetrative wisdom and judgement of such Sufi dervishes of Islam serves as the vitalising force for the spiritual dormant followers of that same faith to give them their true position and prestige.

The lustre of such Sufi’s thoughts embedded in glorious wisdom is enough to illuminate and enamour the diminutive souls of ordinary persons who profess Islam as their preferred faith to give them relevancy and potency of ideology of Islam in this sickening age of corruption.


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If Allama Iqbal was a Sufi saint why he called Qawali opium. All sufism followers listen Qawlis and most of the Qawalis at Darbars or graves are full of shirk.


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If Allama Iqbal was a Sufi saint why he called Qawali opium. [HI]All sufism followers listen Qawlis [/HI]and most of the Qawalis at Darbars or graves are full of shirk.

Brother According to my Knowledge "Qawali" is only in "CHISHTIA" chain of Sufiism.
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