Aik Umpire ka sawal hai Baba , A conflict between viceroy and pretender to viceroy of Military


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Both sides to the conflict are waiting for the umpire and hold so called talks meanwhile while infact waiting for the decision . Imran runs a stage show and Nawaz acts as if business is as usual ,which for most part it is .

So it is like the great Ottoman empire history where half the time sultans controlled military and in the other half the military controlled the sultans .

Current situation is that military controlled sultans but there was a time when sultan of near east Nawaz actually sent serving army general packing home and before that he defied a tooth grinding Clinton full of anger over nuclear blast of Pakistan . Nawaz has ruined careers of more generals than any other non military ruler of Pakistan .

Two persons acted with force expected of a sultan , one was Zia ul Haq the undisputed Muslim commumity sultan of near east and second was Sultan Nawaz Sharif in his second term , these days Nawaz is viceroy and Imran wants to get his viceroyship ,that is all what is the content of Imran revolution .
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Sawal ik umpire ka nahi he; Sawal he Pakistan ka, Sawal he mere mulk ka aur Sawal he un anne wale nasloon ka jin ko hum ne already debt ke neche dafan kar dia he.


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انقلاب فرانس سے پہلے فرانس ميں انتہائى سخت قسم کا قحط پڑا تھا انقلابى تو وہاں پہلے ہى سے سرگرم ہوچکے تھے ليکن اس قحط نے وہاں جلتى پر تيل کا کام ديا اور عنقريب سارا فرانس اس انقلاب کا حصہ بن گيا پھر جو ہوا وہ ہمارے حکمرانوں کے لئے باعث عبرت ہے ليکن ان لوگوں کى آنکھيں اس وقت کھليں گى جب عوام ان کے گلے کاٹ رہے ہوں گے