A Day With Soldiers in Wana - South Waziristan


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Re: A Day With Soldiers in Wana (South Waziristan)

Well done pakistan army
Whats surprising is that if it was a thread against pakistan army we would have alot of comments , since its a thread showing unseen efforts of pakistan army there are very few comments.

Army keep it up.......



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Re: A Day With Soldiers in Wana (South Waziristan)

Such programmes humanise the regions like Waziristan so more would be appreciated. The media often wrongly paint a very inaccurate picture of the region being a complete war zone. These programmes give us great hope.


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well done mayre Pak Army Love you to bits...jo kehtay hain Army ka budget itna zeda ku he unkay moun par thapar he yay video.. Long Live Pak Army...

Syed Adeel Mahmood

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(clap)Masha Allah. Pakistan army is the last line of our defense. May Allah give them more power and ability to this great work continuously . Ameen