1. D

    Ugly and cruel face of ANP MNA HIMAYAT MAYAR.

    I am surprised by the lack of response from the media about the incident that happened about a week ago on january 2nd 2013 in Mardan. The current ANP MNA from NA 9 hired about 15 gunmen and broke down the boundry wall of his neighbor and relatives by force and when confronted about what they...
  2. C

    Ugly Face of Pakistani Media

  3. C

    Everybody looks towards America to make Government. Ugly Politics

  4. lllcolumbuslll

    Old Ugly Scandal of Altaf Hussain ( never discussed ) شیطان

    just seach on altaf hussain raped nazia hussan. Political Career Altaf Hussain "bhai" started his political career when he was a student in University of Karachi, where he founded All Pakistan Muhajir Students Organisation (APMSO) in June 11...
  5. J

    New Ugly Scandal Of Nawaz Sharif With Chicago Tribune Journalist, Kim Barker چھپا رستم نوازشریف

    Watch Complete Program here.