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    Transgenders In Pakistan (MUST WATCH!)

    The transgender community in Pakistan has been subject to violent crimes, social injustices and government negligence for decades. Watch Haider Rifaat as he discusses their right to freedom, opportunities and safety. WATCH the full episode here:
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    Mistreatment with Transgenders In Pakistan (MUST WATCH!)

    Transgenders are horrendously treated in Pakistan and it is time we generate more awareness about the trans community and their rights. Check out an exclusive episode about transgenders on 'The Haider Rifaat Show' season 2. WATCH here:
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    Are ID cards here for Transgenders, certain % of our population?

    Its about time our transgender folks given basic ID cards as a seperate dependent verification system. When we live in era of global acceptance of trans community all over in each every nation? A WORLD run on common sense would be so much more convenient for all of us men, women and thousands...