1. A

    Great Qualities of Imran Khan

  2. PkRevolution

    Zardari and Snowball have few common qualities !!!

    Snowball is a name of famous bird. I am sharing this Video with you. When i was watching it i thought this is what Zardari might do in President house when he hears that Pakistani hate him. LOL Daily Jang has published about that bird today...
  3. N

    Chairman Imran Khan at FAST (NUCES) Karachi: Lecture on the Qualities of Leadership and Q & A - 30t

  4. ahmadalikhan

    Qualities of a True Leader and My Apology

    Please Read Qualities and Qualifications of a True Leader from Book: Jerusalem in Quran by Imran Nazar Hussain I am a poor muslim and patriotic pakistani. In 2002 election, I cast my vote to Imran Khan. In 2008, I gave 1 vote to PPP and PML(N) each(provincial+national). I am so disappointed...

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