1. next2saint

    Khulla (Girl's right to seek seperation/divorce) can someone put a light on this issue!

    If a female is seeking divorce from his husband.. and husband is stuborn & not giving her divorce.. what other options does that girl has? can someone elaborate on the subject of Khulla(girl's right of seperation).. if the information with reference is mentioned, it will be highly...
  2. canadian

    For God Sake dont Put Integrity of Country on Stake for Power Game !!

    For God Sake dont Put Integrity of Country on Stake for Power GamePosted: 03 Sep 2011 12:30 PM PDT Dr. Zulifqar Mirza; With Holy Quran on his head during press conference Is itpossible that American and Israeli spy satellites are hovering in the space forkeeping an eye over Pak-Afghan...
  3. swing

    Put the glass down! (reado saray)

    A chemistry professor decided to teach his students a different lesson one day. Holding a glass of water in his hand, he asked the students, How much do you think this glass of water weighs? 500 grams! came a voice from the back. 600, said another student. I dont really know! said the professor...
  4. Night_Hawk

    Saudi woman seeks to put women in the driving seat

    Saudi woman seeks to put women in the driving seat By Michael Buchanan BBC News, Jeddah Najla Hariri says there is no law against women driving, only society's convention...
  5. digitalzygot

    Osama's operation LIES who was really there, US trying to put pressure on Pakistan? chopper shot dow

    US has to gain something out of that operation, Osama long dead, who was actually there, ratings boost for Obama,move to put pressure on Pakistan/embarass them, who shot down US chopper, how many were actually dead and NO BODY TOPE DRAMA IN MY OPINION. Share your views please.
  6. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    Bid to put Pak-US ties back on track

    Bid to put Pak-US ties back on track Published: April 8, 2011 US military commander James Mattis met Pakistan's top brass on Thursday. PHOTO: AFP ISLAMABAD: Security forces attacked Taliban positions in the Mohmand tribal districts as the top military leadership of Pakistan and...
  7. moazzamniaz

    ISI safe houses put citizens at risk

    Soft Targets: Safe houses put citizens at risk By Saba Imtiaz Published: April 2, 2011 Offices...
  8. kashipk

    Imran Khan on Mohali Semi Final - Zardari Visit wil put more pressure on Pakistan Team - video

    Stuped Abhishek Bachan Pakistan please win this time - Our prayers with you. I request to everybody please pray for Pakistan.
  9. Geek

    Air Force put on high alert : BBC Urdu - Ghairat Jaag Gae Ya Aik Aur Topi Drama??

    پاکستانی فضائیہ کو چوکس کر دیا گیا آصف فاروقی بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، اسلام آباد پاکستانی فصائیہ کے ایک ترجمان نے ان اطلاعات کی تصدیق یا تردید کرنے سے انکار کیا ہے پاکستان کے قبائلی علاقے شمالی وزیرستان میں امریکی جاسوس طیارے کے حملے میں عام شہریوں کی ہلاکت کے بعد پاکستان کی فضائی...

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