1. moazzamniaz

    ISPR says 25 martyred in Chitral crossborder attack by Afghan extremists

    ISPR says 25 martyred in Chitral attack Updated 4 hours ago RAWALPINDI: The Pakistan Army has confirmed that at least 25 security forces personnel including 16 Frontier Scouts were killed when 200-300 terrorists from Afghanistan attacked seven FC posts in...
  2. moazzamniaz

    Terrorists take over Police Station in D.I.Khan: 6 martyred, 35 hostages

    Militants attack police station in DI Khan: Live updates By Shaheryar Popalzai Published: June 25, 2011 Sources have said 30-35 policemen are still trapped inside the police station...
  3. canadian

    Father of a martyred son -- Writes !!!

    BEING SHARED AS RECEIVED: Greetings, Please take a look at these words before insulting Pakistan Armed Forces in current situations. These words are from a father of a soldier martyred recently. My son was martyred yesterday. I do not cry in his memory but rather I cry because he died for a...
  4. Ehraz

    JUI rally pays homage to martyred Bin Laden

    JUI rally pays homage to ‘martyred’ Bin Laden QUETTA: Scores of people took to the streets near Quetta on Friday to pay “homage” to al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden and call for war against America...

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