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    SC Orders of Awarding Service Structure to Drs and Punjab Govt lies exposed...

    Watch this 10 min video before commenting..YDA has already talked to lawyers that can they go to SC against Punjab Govt of disrespecting SC decision and lawyers have said that contempt of court cases can be only taken up by CJ himself...
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    Doctors(devils) vs Punjab Govt(angels) Watch!

    @admin plzzzzzz dont change the title The best show on current issue! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2wjnm6k_W8&feature=player_embedded @Azar Khattak, @saaraaab, @Raaz , @ gazoomartian, @iceburg , BuTurabi, Watch complete program then comment!
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    Azizi Qawali About Muslim League(N) And Lotaa,Wah Azizi Wah,,Must Watch