1. V

    5 inspirational movies to start-up

    Although in reality everything might not have a happy ending like in the movie, I believe you will find yourself some experiences or at least inspiration and motivation to chase your dream. 1. The social network (2010) There is no doubt when The social network became a blockbuster movie...
  2. itxpert

    Post Motivational Messages Here

    Please post your favorite Messages here so we can sms, email others for Naya Pakistan (clap) Inspirational, Motivational Messages are required for those who still believe in old Pakistan... (thumbsdown) Lets spread the word....
  3. P

    I am a PAKISTANI - an inspirational speech

    "I Am A Pakistani" is an inspirational speech written by Maaz Khan. The video was shot in Karachi, Pakistan. It's an observation based on all the elements, sentiments & opinions that exist in a Pakistani's mind, including both, positive & negative elements. The video explains the weaknesses &...
  4. maksyed

    Inspiration of Imran Khan

    In this video Imran Khan shares his inspirations and idealism which drives him to his destiny, which is to make Pakistan one of the greatest nation in the world ..... as thought by IQBAL & QUAID-E-AZAM .......... IN SHA ALLAH Pakistan will rise soon IN SHA ALLAH ....... ? ? ? ? ? ? ...
  5. V

    inspiration for pakistani team