1. Pak1stani

    Are MQM leaders in hiding OR avoiding TV talk shows ?

    Recently I have noticed the absence of MQM leader from TV talk shows. Baber Ghuri, Waseem Akhter etc. Are they went underground in hiding or avoid tv talk shows to avoid key questions about MQM role in Karachi violence and giving ethnic color to current situation by Altaf Hussain.
  2. PkRevolution

    Afghanistan friend or foe? Hiding Top wanted terrorists Brahamdagh Khan Bugti in Kabul, Supporting I

    I think Afghanistan should stop playing silly games with Pakistan. They should announce if they are friend or foe to Pakistan. After 1979 and soviet war 3.3 million Afghan refugees were housed in Pakistan. More than 2 million are staying in Peshawar. Unfortunitly, we have recieved as Thank...
  3. M_Adnan.L

    OBL Hiding in Pakistan: Cartoons

  4. Geek

    Inside bin Laden's final hiding place

  5. IndiaGuy

    Hiding bin Laden: Finger of suspicion at ISI

    WASHINGTON: Just hours after American Navy Seals shot dead Osama bin Laden in a compound in Pakistan on Sunday, US President Barack Obama shot down the Pakistani security establishment's attempt to claim joint credit for the operation. In a ten-minute television address, Obama left no doubt...
  6. IndiaGuy

    Debate: The 26/11 Hush UP - U.S. Hiding the truth?

  7. Faiza

    Facebook, not what you think.

    Facebook, not what you think. What Facebook and Google are Hiding From The World