1. C

    China blames attack on Pak-trained terrorists

    Beijing — A deadly weekend attack in China’s restive Xinjiang region was masterminded by ‘terrorists’ trained in Pakistan, the local government said Monday. Fourteen people were killed in two attacks at the weekend in the ancient Silk Road city of Kashgar, and five alleged attackers were in turn...
  2. sarmad

    Zardari's Finger exercise that eliminates 100% of stress and keeps him going

  3. Rathore

    Why wedding ring is worn on fourth finger.

  4. IndiaGuy

    Hiding bin Laden: Finger of suspicion at ISI

    WASHINGTON: Just hours after American Navy Seals shot dead Osama bin Laden in a compound in Pakistan on Sunday, US President Barack Obama shot down the Pakistani security establishment's attempt to claim joint credit for the operation. In a ten-minute television address, Obama left no doubt...
  5. L

    Why Aleem Dar doesn't use 'Shahadat' finger when giving out (Must See!)

    Last Mint Wali Baat sono Aleem daar ki,,