1. QaiserMirza

    Who REALLY rules the dictators of the Muslim world.

    Who REALLY rules the dictators of the Muslim world. Oh Muslims, your enemies are scared of your awakening on the basis of religion. The barriers which are established by them - puppets and lords among you. Their throne is being damaged, and it is a time of collapse of the false and...
  2. A Khokar

    Will UN also show its Consistence and move against The Arab Dictators Club?

    Arab lands are infested with more than dozen dictatorial regimes. Lately the class less, non violent and secular uprising Jasmine Revolution has brought a wide spread wind of change in the region. This uprising has broken the threshold of fear which kept the masses subjugated and enslaved for...
  3. hans

    Personal Finance for Dictators: Where to Stash the Cash?

    As his country burns around him, the Libyan leader, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, has stashed away tens of billions of dollars in cash in United States dollars, Libyan dinars and possibly other currencies in banks and in Bab Al Azizia, his Tripoli compound, intelligence officials and a person with...