1. crankthskunk

    George Tenet covered up evidence for 9/11: Richard Clarke

    Recently in a Radio interview, Richard Clarke the ex- counter terrorism Czar of the White House claimed George Tenet deliberately kept information about two attackers from him and White House and then covered it up, to be investigated in the formed commission. I have only posted partial article...
  2. M_Adnan.L

    None of the News channels covered PTI's dharna- Shame on media

    None of Pakistani News Channel found it important to cover Chairman Imran Khan (official)'s address. We are sorry the giant media groups who make millions and increase their viewiership by having Chairman on thier shows did not find it important to show the truth and the voice of people of...
  3. Geek

    Natural wonder: Spider cocoons in Sindh

    "Trees cocooned in spider webs, an unexpected side effect of the flooding in Sindh"