1. L

    In UK Prince's Pilot Instructor Converted to Islam and 195 converted to Islam in Kuwait.

    To know more about this fellow if you like you can visit:
  2. BrotherKantu

    Pakistan is being converted from producer to consumer country

    Current attempts of this government to destroy Pakistan's industry is a clear sign that Pakistan is being converted from a producing country to a consuming country. So what will happen very soon? Pakistan will get loan over loan from IMF to import goods for our daily use from other countries...
  3. I

    She Cried when Converted to Islam (Don't Miss)

  4. K

    17 people converted to Islam on open Stage On 20 April 2011 in Frankfurt Germany

    On 20.04.2011, Frankfurt, Germany, Vogel Pieere converted 17 young people to Islam. Vogel pieere and his coligues are very active to counter the brutel media war against Islam. He is spreading the real PEACEFUL Quran and Sunna ! In this open air Islamic...