White house has confirmed PM Imran's visit - Anchor Imran Khan

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Minister (2k+ posts)
counter terrorism is mentioned in the statement not terrorism as all the channels are reporting
from what is reported by media channel in pakistan it appears that washington has included Indians point of view in there discussions with pakistan which is not true


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
The propaganda was done by Geo along with Ferrari media cell. They are doing same propaganda on Russia's visit, i believe Khan will also visit Russia in September.
I think US foreign office had done it intentional to appease Indians (after loss in WC) that's why this question was asked by Indian journalist and Pakistani journalist was not even asked for any kind of question.


MPA (400+ posts)

Who we are.....we are so much worried that wether white house confirms our meeting or not.....its like White house is "KAABAA".......shame on the people talking such a non sense.......


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Feeling confident and brings music to the ears for having IK as our leader simply after 33 years of morans except Musherif.
State Department boss Pompeo very much against Pakistan.
We should be cautious
Allah is great will make the way.
Here those were celebrating were not sincere with Pakistan.
It is not win of PTI or Khan it is Pakistan and poor Pakistanis
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