We reminded media of its worth by appointing Firdous Aashiq Awan as Information Minister - Saleem Safi


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iss lafafi ko aik afghani twaif ki ghaleez naapaak safi honay ke bawajood jbb media anchor bnaa a gaa to phirr wazeeron saay iss afghani twaif ki nishani ponjaa yaani ghaleez safi ko takleef kion kiya iska Boy friend watta staa hamid karzai isko guide krr raha hai ?

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For a change I agree with Lifafi. Media had started to take itself too seriously and had inflated its ego way too much. It was starting to think of it self as king makers, they can make and break kings.

This Sialkoti Mujj is exactly what this media deserves.
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