Watch reaction of hate mongering Indian Media on PM Imran Khan's speech


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India me war ko cricket match samjha huwa hai. Lol
India should elect Sunil Gavasker or kapil dev as Pardhan mantri. Modi’s film is flop.

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Motherfuckers have lost their motherfuckin' minds. And here I thought we had some crazy chicken hawks in Pakistan, their chicken hawks are on a totally different level.


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انڈیا کی پھٹ کر ہاتھ میں آہ گئی ہے کیوں کے ریجنل پولیٹیکل گیم تبدیل ہو گئی ہے پچلھے تین سال سے انڈیا کے سارے ایجنٹس غائب ہوتے جا رہے ہیں انڈیا ہر تین چار سال بعد یہ ڈرامہ شروع کر دیتا ہے انڈیا کو اندازہ ہو گیا ہے کے اسکی پراکسی وار ختم ہو گئی ہے .


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Look at the video at 5:40 minute.
GD Bakhshi said that

" Hamaray log (Indians) Doh Korhi kay keerhay hain , Naali kay?"

My response to him, Yes, Bakhshee Jee, you got that one right , , Joh hum kahna chahatay thay woh aap nay khud kah diyah. Thank you

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why do i feel indian people at tv talk like an idiot . they keep saying against pakistan because they scared from HINDO BUNYAD Persto say. they dont have any sens and brain. they are totally Idiot and dumb.

Nadir Bashir

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Request to PM Pakistan,

In case of any Indian agression, we should get ourselves ready for the war.
Current scenario assures that India will go for some adventure.

We should be ready for response in five mintues.
In case of full scale war, we should fight till death untill Kashmir and other outstanding issues are not resolved. This must be a last war and no peace negotiations untill permanent solution.

Also armed forces must have their home work. All targets which form the backbone of indian military and economy shall be destroyed in first day of war.


Faisal Mian

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Hehheehe This General is mental :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

India agar samajh betha hy kah Pakistan ab Taraqqi karny laga hy aur yeh kah Pak ko uljhana hy to Jang kary ga... ab ky baar phir ho jai khul kar jang... bachien gy hum bhe nai lakin dunya sy Binya to khatam kar dety hain
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